Link Popularity – How to Use Sales And Lead Tracking to Attract Inbound Links

Writing in submitting articles to the top online article directories is one of the best forms of marketing for your online business. Not only can you develop yourself into an online authority in your niche market, but you can also use tracking statistics provided by the directories to not only determine what categories are best for you to write in, but also to know which will attract more inbound links and assists with the increasing your link popularity clickfunnels $19 plan.

There were several strategies to use to analyze sales and lead tracking generation statistics.

How do I do this? What are some of the steps you can implement to make this work for you too?

Follow these steps:

This method is considerably more work to set up, and a little more to study, but it has become the core of my article tracking research.

1. I have created separate ad tracking codes in Aweber (my auto responder company of choice) and squeeze pages for each category to which I submit in EzineArticles. This allows me to track the conversion rate and the click volume per article category in Aweber.

2. I correlate the article traffic data with the actual clicks showing in Aweber, and I create a subscriber/article statistic according to category.

3. Next, when I make a sale, I correlate the individual who made the purchase with the article category from which they came into my sales funnel.

4. This allows me to directly correlate sales with the actual article category which brought the purchaser into my sales funnel. Long run, this is the most important statistic you can use.

You may be asking at this point, why not use tracking software?

You can; here’s why I do not:

There are two primary types of tracking software:

a). Tracking using IP or cookies
b) Tracking using tracking links

Here is what I don’t like about either: IP or cookies – if the purchaser does not make the purchase from the same computer, the sale will not be correlated with the entrance point; tracking links – once you start to use them, you can never get away from them.

I have thousands of articles online, and if they all used tracking links it could take me hundreds or even thousands of hours to change the links – and then there are countless links on other web sites of which I am not aware, and would be impossible to change. This would leave me with traffic that is going to the tracking link, but not going to my site, if I quit using that particular tracking software or company. I want to have more control over my traffic than that.

So that brings me back to my current system.

It is not the easiest system to use, and requires some time each month to log the sales and their origin. But it does a great job of tracking the entrance points of each sale transaction – and that is the most important statistic of all.

Keep in mind, all statistics that do not have to do with sales – visits, page views, clicks, even subscribers – are all simply tools to use before the sales occur to tentatively measure success of a campaign. But the only statistic that actually matters is who buys, and where they came into your sales funnel.

I love using these statistics because they help me figure out which article categories are best to continue writing it in what specific topic. These will usually also attract the most inbound links and help me increase my link popularity on the search engines.

If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.

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